Crappie Fishing Secrets

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Being able to catch crappie takes the understanding of knowing what crappies like to eat, where they hangout, the best time to fish for them, and how they respond to seasonal changes.  And if you don’t know any of this, it can be difficult catching slabs of crappie.  So, what I’ll share with you are some crappie fishing secrets.

With the secrets, you’ll know how to catch crappies and be able to reel them in all day long.

Crappie Fishing Secrets #1

The first secret to fishing for crappie is to know how to locate them.  If you’re going to fish for them in a pond, lake, or river, make sure you know their migratory patterns.  You can ask some local people who fish where the crappies are and how they move.

Crappies always migrate along the same lines each year.  So, once you know how they migrate and where they are during each season, you’ll be able to catch a slab of them.

Crappie Fishing Secrets #2

Another one of the crappie fishing secrets is to know which bait to use when you are trying to fish for crappies.  They like all sorts of foods.  But they mainly enjoy eating minnows.  If you’re fishing for black crappie, they’ll eat worms, insects, etc.

The one thing you should know though is that crappies respond to stimuli and attack (or hunt) by sight.  This means if they see something they can eat move in a way that’s easy for them to eat, they’ll attack it.  This is important for you to know if you are going to use crappie jigs or crappie lures.

Also, when crappie fishing, one of the best times to go is at night.  They respond better in low light.  They have big eyes and are sensitive to light.  And like I mentioned above, they also hunt by sight.  So, this makes it easier for you to catch a lot of crappies.

These are some crappie fishing secrets.  If you want to know how to catch crappie, make sure you use the secrets and techniques above.  They’ll help you catch big crappies and help you land slabs of crappies.

Crappie Fishing Secrets You Should Know

The one thing that will help you start catching more crappies is to actually use secrets that other crappie fisherman use.

crappie fishing secretsThe crappie fishing secrets that I’ve found is called “The Instant Crappie Catching Kit“.  In this kit, you learn how to catch crappies, and even how to land big ones.

You’ll see guys on that site that mentioned how they caught 3 pounders using the secrets.

So, if you want crappie fishing secrets that might help you catch more crappies, make sure you check out that site.  It just might help you land more crappies.

Well, that’s about it.   I hope some of the secrets that I’ve shared helped.  I hope you have a better understanding of what you need to do to catch more crappie.  If you want to read how other people are catching a lot more fish and big crappies, make sure you check out the crappie fishing secrets that I recommended above.

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