Top 10 Crappie Jigs

top 10 crappie jigsUsing the best crappie jigs is a must if you want to be able to catch a lot of crappies.  I know that a lot of fisherman want know what the top 10 crappie jigs are.  So, what I’ll do is share with you the top 10 crappie jigs.  I’ll also share with you some top crappie lures, too.

By knowing which jigs and lures to use, you should be able to start catching bigger crappies.  I’ll also show you where you can find some crappie fishing secrets so that you’ll know how to catch more crappie.

Based on my research, these are some of the top crappie jigs that I’ve found.  When fishing for crappies, you’ll most likely want to try a few lures before deciding on which ones is best.  Crappies respond to different jigs, based on the time of the year and their location.  With that being said, not every crappie jig will work for every fisherman.  You’ll have to test the lure out for yourself.  Now, let’s get started.

The top 10 crappie jigs are:

1. Squirmin’ Squirts Tube Jigs

2. Exude Curly Tail Grubs

3. Mizmo1.75″ Earthtones

4. Jigging Rap

5. Cabela’s Rigged Minnow Tubes

6. Punisher Float n’ Fly Jig

7. Marabou Jigs

8. Road Runners Jigs

9. Midsouth Super Jig

10. Southern Pro Crappie tube

Apart from using the top 10 crappie jigs above, you could also try using a rooster tail.  It’s not really a jig.  It’s more of a spinner bait, but I really enjoy using it.  You could also use live crappie lures like minnows or crickets.  These work pretty good.  Especially when you’re fishing with the family. Or you could use some crappie fishing secrets.

If you want to try the top 10 crappie fishing lures above, you could probably head to Bass Pro Shop or one of the other top fishing lures stores and pick ‘em up.  But like I said, these might not be the top 10 crappie lures for everyone.  I researched and found that these were considered to be the top ten jigs.

Oh, and like I mentioned above, you’ll probably want to get a handful of the top crappie lures and test them out yourself.  Some people prefer different lures than other fisherman.  And that’s fine.  You’ll have to pick a few and try them on the lake or pond that you’re fishing on and see which ones get the crappies biting.

Well, these are the top 10 crappie jigs.  If you want to check out other jigs that you can use, head over to Cabela’s or some place like that.  They usually have good crappie fishing lures.  Now, if you want to see how to catch bigger crappies and even how to catch slabs of crappies, there’s a site you should check out.

The guy will show you what to do to locate crappies and how to catch more of them.  This is really good for people that are having a difficult time catching a lot of crappies and want to discover what it takes to catch the big boys (crappies that weigh 3 pounds).

So, now that you know about the top 10 crappie jigs, if you want to know how to catch crappie, click here.

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